Electronic Motors

Standard High Efficiency LED Lighting

Electronic Temperature Controller

High Efficiency Glass Doors

Low Maintenance Condenser

Cyclopentane Blowing Agent

*Stainless Steel finish not standard


Considerations for Upgrading Foodservice Equipment at Universities

The landscape of foodservice at colleges and universities is changing. The student body is increasingly diverse, bringing discerning palates, health-conscious habits, and dietary restrictions to the campus dining experience. When upgrading foodservice equipment, such as commercial refrigerators, dishwashers, or cookware, balancing student dining preferences with kitchen efficiency will help universities […]

4 Myths About EPA’s Refrigeration Rules

In the summer of 2015, EPA rolled out a list of new rules relating to HCFC refrigerants that were found to contribute to climate change. Their high global warming potential, or GWP, resulted in EPA deciding to phase them out over time in exchange for more eco-friendly alternatives. These rules […]

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