Steinless Steel Commercial refrigerator | Right View | Imbera FoodserviceWhether you are the owner of a convenience store, a supermarket, a restaurant, or a micro market, your singular goal is to maximize the visual appeal of your products in order to generate a high rate of sales. Your refrigerated stock often accounts for more than half of your total inventory and therefore represents a significant portion of your potential revenue. This is why it’s important to consider the organization of your commercial refrigerators.

Being intentional about how commercial refrigerators are organized is a key factor in moving the food product in your retail space. Here are some tips for creating a visually appealing presentation of your inventory that aims to catch the attention of your customers.

#1. Use LED Lighting in Commercial Refrigerators to Your Advantage

One of the cardinal rules of visual advertisement is to make use of lighting in a way that engages the consumer and convinces them that they need to buy what you are selling. LED lighting does this by improving visual quality and clarity of the product within the case, as well as decreasing the level of glare bouncing off of the glass.

The fluorescent lighting used in old commercial refrigerators is not only outdated, but does not provide an appetizing appearance for the food you are selling. Plus, it’s not energy efficient. Switching to a commercial refrigerator that makes use of LED lighting displays does double duty – it functions as a visual merchandising display and saves your business at the same time.

#2. Make Technology Work for Your Food Service Business

The issue of food spoilage as a result of equipment malfunction is a thing of the past for convenience storeowners and managers. Innovative commercial refrigeration technology is now able to anticipate and diagnose issues before they arise, thereby preventing spoiled and wasted product. It can also track the temperature of your device in real time so you are able to quickly address an issue before it gets out of control.

These high-tech components do more than simply keep your refrigerated stock chilled, however. They incorporate tracking technology that scans and records each item in your inventory when it goes into the unit, and when it leaves the shelf for purchase. This allows you to see what products are the most popular and what you sell the most of, as well as what needs to be restocked and what items you should consider removing altogether.

When your commercial refrigerators are organized using these two tips, the effectiveness of your sales strategy will increase significantly. Visual merchandising using the right commercial refrigerator is a proven method of generating consistently higher levels of revenue.

Imbera Foodservice offers commercial refrigerators that include all of these features and more, so that you can focus on providing your customers with quality food items and stimulating sales for your food service operation. To find out what a difference Imbera commercial refrigerators can make for your supermarket or convenience store, contact us today at 678-504-6842.