3 Options for Lighting in Your Commercial Refrigerator

3 Options for Lighting in Your Commercial Refrigerator | Imbera Foodservice

Lighting is one of the leading contributors in any business’s energy consumption. In fact, many companies report lighting being up to 50% of all electrical usage. For those in industries that require commercial refrigerators, their storage unit’s lighting can be a large contributor.

Bulbs in a refrigerator consume their necessary energy requirements and cause the units they are installed in to use more energy to offset the heat emitted by the light. When shopping for a new unit or looking for an upgrade, it is important to talk to your commercial refrigerator manufacturer about which bulb is right for you.

Read on to learn more about what lighting option is best for your business.

Traditional Lighting for Commercial Refrigerators

For decades, incandescent bulbs were the refrigeration standard. There weren’t many alternative options, and the bulbs are incredibly cheap to purchase. One of the leading issues with this type of bulb is the amount of heat it emits. Incandescent fridge lighting emits roughly 85 BTUs/hour.

That emission is equivalent to a standard microwave’s. This emission causes its unit to work harder to offset that heat. In addition to the emission issue, these bulbs have an underwhelming lifespan of 750-2500 hours. They were the best for a while, but unless your budget is exceptionally tight, they are probably not the most desirable option.

New Lighting Alternatives in Commercial Refrigerators

With incandescent lighting revealing itself to be an inefficient option, consumers began to look to the newer, more efficient fluorescent bulbs. These lights are currently the standard for most walk-in coolers and freezers.

These bulbs offer a much longer lifespan at 7,000-30,000 hours and are still affordable for most budgets. They also only emit 30 BTU’s/hour, which is about 60% better than their incandescent predecessor. The money you save in lifespan and efficiency will easily make up for the difference in price from the old standard.

Premium Lighting for Refrigeration

LED lights are the caviar of the refrigeration lighting world. They boast a massive lifespan of 35,000-70,000 hours and offer an incomparable heat output of 3.4 BTU’s/hour. They take no time to “warm-up” and are offered in a variety of light intensities.

The only real issue with LED lighting is its significant cost over other options. While still worth the investment, many companies still find it difficult to spend a premium for a refrigerator light bulb. Fortunately, the prices of LED bulbs have been decreasing greatly over the past few years. If you have the budget to afford the upfront purchase, these bulbs are the best option.

Lighting may not seem like a big deal when it comes to refrigeration, but in business, every penny counts. Get the most out of your refrigeration units by purchasing the best light bulb for your needs and budget. For your next commercial refrigerator investment, Imbera has been helping businesses get the most out of their money for years. Contact us today for more information about how you can save money in refrigeration.