4 Foodservice Trends for 2018

Commercial Refrigerators Food Safety Inspector | Imbera FoodserviceJust like the seasons, trends come and go every year. However, as a food service provider, there is one thing that should remain constant: a commercial refrigerator that keeps goods safe and fresh for consumption.  

New trends are expected to hit the mainstream US foodservice industry in 2018. In response, global researcher, Mintel, has released its trend report for the food and drink sector.  Here are a few trends Mintel predicts for the year ahead. 

1. Clarity is Key  

Research shows that there is a general mistrust of food safety throughout manufacturing because people don’t trust manufacturer labels. Foodservice manufacturers, distributors, and retailers should expect an increased call for accountability. People want transparency and traceability on their purchase to know exactly what they’re consuming. 

But will this be enough to keep consumers satisfied with restaurant sanitation, or will it increase the number of food recalls? Food quality issues like this have been at the forefront for the past couple of years due to media coverage and mobile applications.  Accountability at all levels of food supply chain is not going anywhere anytime soon.

2. Comfort Food  

When the going gets tough, people often turn to yummy food that isn’t the healthiest. The return of comfort food and emotionally targeted products is an ongoing trend in the foodservice industry. With consumers gradually becoming more aware of dietary restrictions, it may make an impact at the manufacturing level by requiring new products to be added to accommodate everyone. Expect to see manufacturers target certain items based off of their behavioral trends and requests.  

3. Appearance  

You can look forward to food providers to add texture to food and drinks with natural ingredients, such as the pulp of fruits, a pinch of spicy peppers, or a splash of kombucha. This trend has manifested as an element of surprise. Bubble tea is a great example of both a chewy and liquid texture in one beverage. 

4. Me, Myself, and I 

Personalization in advertising and promotions is here to stay.  This is going to fuel the opportunity for consumer recommendations, promotions, and innovations based on behavior patterns. This may seem like a good thing, but it could also endanger brand loyalty. Consumers will lean toward a company due to convenience rather than revisiting old favorites.  

Consumers may be concerned about their personal information being misused, but the information is actually going to help build more personalized experiences. Coca-Cola is using such research that trickles all the way down to packaging, adding personalizing to its bottles.  

It is going to be interesting to watch how these trends unfold over 2018 and how they will shape what consumers purchase.  To make sure that you’re fully prepared for what lies ahead, call Imbera. We’re the #1 commercial refrigeration company in the world, exporting to 45 countries and working with a wide variety of companies. Contact us today at 678-504-6385