4 Ideas to Capture Your Customers’ Attention with Your Refrigerator

When it comes to food refrigeration, the first thing on your mind should be safety and reliability. If you work with a good commercial refrigerator manufacturer, you can rest assured that your refrigerants will be reliable and well-functioning. However, do you know how to use your refrigerators as a marketing tool?

Visual merchandising is essential for all businesses, as it gives them a sense of brand, organization, and professionalism. It also allows them to manipulate and maximize their sales, especially if they are trying to push certain products. Commercial refrigerator manufacturers and retail companies alike are continually finding ways to turn practical refrigerators into marketing and visual merchandising machines. Here are 4 ideas for capturing your customers’ attention with your refrigerators!

1. Use Attractive LED Lighting in Your Commercial Refrigerator

LED lighting has the advantage of being energy efficient and good for the environment, quickly turning it into a mainstay of commercial and private users in the past decade or so. Putting LED lighting in your refrigerator allows your customers to clearly see your products in an attractive manner, with the LEDs creating a luminous sheen on many types of product packaging. Commercial refrigerator manufacturers commonly use LED lighting in their products these days, as it presents a cornucopia of advantages both practically and sales-wise.

2. How to Leverage the Glass Doors on Your Commercial Refrigerator

Glass doors allow you to clearly showcase your company’s products, ensuring that your customers have the best view of them possible. In more advanced models, commercial refrigerator manufacturers will often use low-emissivity film to reduce fog on the glass, which can build up easily due to the temperatures involved. Glass doors enable you to showcase your products while simultaneously keeping them cold and ensuring their preservation.

3. Strategically Placing Your Products

Placement is everything when it comes to visual merchandising, with eye-level products always selling more quickly than products at higher or lower levels on shelves. Special sale items or promotional items that you want to push should always be placed at eye-level, with the lower levels in the refrigerator being reserved for big-name brands that you can count on selling wherever they are placed.

4. Incorporating Appropriate Signage on Your Commercial Refrigerator

Clear signage is essential for making your refrigerators more attractive to customers. Fortunately, manufacturers often leave space for signage that relates to things such as pricing, branding, and special promotional offers. Exterior and interior refrigerator signage and stickers encourage your customers’ attention to specific products. This strategy enhances brand awareness and motivates buyers to purchase more.

While refrigerators might not be your first thought when it comes to marketing and visual merchandising, they can be an effective and practical tool for selling your products. Looking to find out more about how you can leverage your refrigerator? Imbera is a commercial refrigerator manufacturer that has been dedicated to the design, development, and manufacturing of commercial coolers since 1941. Get in touch with one of our team members today!