Can Commercial Refrigerators Help Sell More Food?

Can Commercial Refrigerators Help Sell More Food?Several factors affect food product sales in supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores. The health of the economy, gas prices, and online sales can all impact consumer spending patterns. With so many things out of the hands of store managers, it can be challenging to see what can be done to boost food product sales.

Yet, commercial refrigerators offer many ways to influence the behavior of shoppers. Commercial refrigerators do more than keep food cold. They are effective displays for food products that use LED lighting, glass doors, and stainless steel to draw the attention of the shoppers. Here are a few ways your food service business can use a commercial refrigerator to sell more food.

Use Commercial Refrigerators to Showcase Healthy Food Options

Take advantage of the trend toward healthier eating by showcasing products made with all natural ingredients up front in your commercial refrigerators. Many foods aimed at health-conscious consumers including juices, yogurt, cheese are being made with streamlined ingredients. Position these products in your commercial refrigerators at eye-level so they stand out to shoppers. These steps make the most of the high efficiency glass doors available on new commercial refrigerators. These models come equipped double panel glass and with low-e film to reduce condensation and turn your commercial refrigerator into a powerful display.

Use Commercial Refrigerators to Provide Shoppers with Convenient Solutions

Organize foods that go together as a solution for time-strapped shoppers who need a quick meal on the run. Then surround them with complementary items that make shopping even more convenient for customers. For example, beverages, deli meat, cheese or pre-made sandwiches can be positioned for the lunchtime crowd in a commercial refrigerator with attractive LED lighting. Some commercial refrigerators come with sandwich trays to make this even easier. Likewise, staples like milk, eggs, and butter can be displayed together in your commercial refrigerator to appeal to shoppers who need to quickly grab these essentials after work.

Use Strong Visuals to Draw Shoppers to Food in Commercial Refrigerators

Some consumers may see some foods as less exciting than others and a generic commercial refrigerator can come across as sterile and uninviting. To combat these perceptions, food retailers should consider options such as stainless steel commercial refrigerators and creative use of shelf space to display food products. Additionally, use colorful signage around commercial refrigerators and other point of purchase locations to encourage shoppers to try what’s inside coolers.

Having the right commercial refrigerator in your store can make a big difference in food product sales. Imbera Foodservice has a complete line of commercial refrigerators featuring the most advanced technology and innovative designs on the market. Contact us today to find out more.