Can Preventative Maintenance Maximize Food Service Production?

Commercial Refrigerators Restaurant Kitchen | Imbera FoodserviceIn the food service industry, equipment failures, food spoilage, and unsanitary conditions can bring productivity to a grinding halt. A well-documented preventative maintenance program is a critical component for maximizing food service production while getting the most out of your expensive equipment.

Some aspects of a maintenance plan are best left to qualified service agents. However, food service operators can take a few preventative steps in between annual checkups to maintain equipment and reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses. The following tips will help you maintain your commercial refrigerators, ventilation, ovens, and other appliances to keep business operations running smoothly.

Refrigeration Units

Refrigerators expel heat by drawing air through the condenser coils. Over time, dust and debris build up on the coils, which means they need to be cleaned regularly to avoid problems. If you don’t, dirty coils lead to major system failures such as burnt wiring, a failed motor, or a failed compressor, resulting in decreased productivity and costly repairs.

It’s also important to check the gaskets to ensure cool air isn’t leaking out and warm air isn’t getting in. Gently cleaning them with soapy water removes food particles, decreasing the chance of the seals ripping or tearing.

Ventilation System

A well-maintained ventilation system reduces the risk of fire or mold growth while extending the life of the equipment. You should clean the filters at least once a week to keep the fans running efficiently. Be careful to not let grease build up in the hood ducts or fan blades. As grease accumulates, air flow decreases and the motor will struggle to do its job. Inspecting and cleaning each part of the ventilation system will keep production running effectively while avoiding unwanted downtime.


Conveyor ovens are designed to cook foods quickly, maximizing food service operations. Check that the belts aren’t sagging, the air holes are free of debris, and the cooling fan motors are operating correctly to keep ovens running properly and consistently.

If you use steamers or combi ovens, confirm the door gaskets aren’t dried up, cracking, or breaking. If you operate in an area with hard water, be sure to clean and maintain them more often to offset possible lime scale buildup.

Get the Most Out of Food Service Equipment

Your food service equipment will only be as good as the maintenance service you perform. If you buy top-of-the-line products, but don’t take care of them, you’ll experience breakdowns and decreased performance. Staying on top of preventative maintenance keeps your equipment running reliably and can reduce the number of emergency services required.

Imbera Foodservice offers a full line of commercial refrigeration products that are supported by a maintenance service program to keep them in good working order. Contact Imbera today to find the commercial refrigeration equipment that best fits your needs.