Commercial Freezer Repair Warning Signs

Commercial Refrigerators Commercial Freezer Ice | Imbera FoodserviceWhether you operate a restaurant, catering service, or any company that requires a commercial freezer, you need to stay aware of a malfunctioning unit. If you’re not experienced with commercial refrigeration, it can be difficult to know when something is wrong before your food and beverages spoil. 

Luckily, there are a few tell-tale signs of a damaged freezer that you can catch before you end up with costly food waste. Here is a list of some freezer malfunctions to remember. 

Freezer Running Constantly 

A freezer that runs constantly is one of the most obvious signs there is a problem. The unit should go through cycles of refrigeration without running nonstop. There are a few common causes of this type of malfunction.

Your unit’s thermostat may be malfunctioning or damaged. If your freezer is being told that the temperature isn’t going down, it will continue to attempt to drop it to the last known degree setting. An alternative issue could be a broken seal or gasket. Damaged seals and gaskets allow cool air to escape, disrupting the freezing cycle. 

Loud Compressor 

If your unit has been on for a while, and you suddenly notice how loud the freezer is when it runs, it could be a sign of a damaged compressor. The fan is often the loudest malfunction, but it is important to fix any error. The compressor is the most expensive part of a freezer, so catching a malfunction early and fixing it before it’s beyond repair can save you money. Often times, it’s cheaper to buy a new freezer than to replace a compressor.  

Frosty Freezer 

It’s time to call a repair service if you notice excess frost building up throughout your freezer. The frost may be due to a broken defrost timer or thermostat, but it is most likely due to damaged door gaskets. The broken gaskets allow humid air to seep into the freezer and develop frost along your evaporator coils. This process results in a rapid drop in temperature that can cause freezer-burned food or damage to the compressor due to overuse. 

“Warm-Spots” in the Freezer 

Occasionally a freezer will function properly for one or two shelves in the unit, but leave the other areas unfrozen. This issue often results in smelly, spoiled products that need to be tossed out. The normal culprit of this issue is leaking refrigerant. A trained technician will seal any leaks and refill your refrigerant, halting any further food waste due to “warm-spots” in your freezer. 

Avoid wasting food and money by paying attention to signs that indicate a broken freezer. If you’re looking for a premier refrigeration service that offers scheduled maintenance and timely service call responses, Imbera is here to help. Call today for more information about our refrigeration units and services!