Commercial Refrigerator FAQs

Commercial Refrigerators Store Refrigerator Units | Imbera FoodserviceHigh quality commercial refrigerators are the backbone to success for businesses that serve food and beverages, including restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, or medical labs and facilities. 

Whether you’re in the market for a new one, or you’ve just unpacked your recently purchased commercial refrigerator, you may have some outstanding questions. This guide will get you started. 

1. Is it necessary to visit a manufacturer to pick out my unit? 

Answer: It is recommended that companies visit just so they know exactly what they are purchasing. An in-person visit gives customers a chance to inspect the unit’s measurements and features. This also gives customers the ability to look at more options and recommendations.  

2. Should I buy a used or a new commercial refrigerator? 

Answer: It is suggested that you buy a new refrigerator system. Starting fresh with new machinery will lead to a longer life span for your use. There is also an additional warranty included when you purchase new equipment.  

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a system to temporarily hold you over, a used refrigerator is the cost-efficient option. Ultimately, it depends on your needs and budget.  

3. How often should a refrigerator system be cleaned? 

Answer: A refrigerator system should be cleaned either monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or even semi-annually. Cleaning circumstances depend on the environment the refrigerator system is operating in.  

4. My unit isn’t working. What do I do?  

Answer: First of all, always make sure that the refrigeration system is plugged in and the breaker hasn’t tripped. This is an overlooked step for many owners. If that’s not the case, then check the temperature in the unit, and consider whether it’s in a defrost cycle.  

If it is still not working, or nothing listed resolves the issue, then call the manufacturers for help. They may have unit-specific directions or common errors based on the year of your model. You can also Google your specific question along with your model and year, and see if anyone else has solved the issue at hand. 

5. What is the recommended setting for the temperature control? 

Answer: To determine the temperature control setting, refer to your owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website. Also, you’ll need to change the temperature according to what’s being stored. For example, meat, dairy and deli items will require different levels of refrigeration than ice cream and frozen goods. 

6. Why is my refrigerator making noises? 

Answer: Don’t worry, the operation of the refrigeration system will always make some kind of noise. Sounds like chirping, humming, buzzing, gurgling, dripping, and hissing noises are completely normal. However, if you notice a fluctuation in temperature or notice anything out of the ordinary, there may be a problem. Give your manufacturer a call to ensure there hasn’t been a recall on your unit.  

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