Did you see our new line of refrigerators, Foodservice, highlighted in El Financiero? We are very excited and proud of this line of products that have been designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our clients in the US and Canada.
The specific industry market that we are servicing with this new line of coolers include hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals, bakeries, schools, cinemas, theaters, gymnasiums, stadiums, fast food, convenience stores and supermarkets.
Imbera Foodservice is specialized in providing world-class solutions for the needs of the Foodservice market. We produce 470,000 coolers a year and service more than 1.3 million, making us one of the world’s largest companies in our industry. Imbera operates with three production facilities and eight sales offices, and offers maintenance services across 40 different countries, providing jobs for 4,000 employees. To learn me please contact us at info@imberafoddservice.com.

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