Helpful Tips to Keep Your Energy Costs Low with Commercial Refrigerators 

Commercial Refrigerator | Imbera FoodserviceWhenever you operate any kind of food service business, one of your biggest priorities as a manager or owner is keeping your expenses low. There are numerous ways to cut costs and increase your revenue, and one of the best ways to do that is to incorporate energy-saving technology into your commercial refrigerators.

You want to make sure you are keeping your food items safely chilled and fresh for your customers, and keep your operating expenses contained. Consider implementing these helpful tips in order save on your energy costs.

Use Commercial Refrigerators that Conserve Energy Your Food Service Business 

When it comes to the cost of operating a store that utilizes commercial refrigeration, the numbers can be a big staggering. One study shows that refrigeration accounts for nearly 40% of the total energy used by grocery stores and supermarkets. Not only is that consuming an astronomical amount of energy, it also costs many business owners a fortune just to pay for their electricity.

Selecting commercial refrigerators that use new technology that make them more energy efficient is one way to get a good return on your investment. There are dozens of new technological developments on the market for commercial refrigeration that are designed to help storeowners decrease their energy costs.

For example, LED lighting has increasingly become the industry standard when it comes to the choice of display lighting used inside the cooler casing. That is because studies show that LED lights are a high-efficiency, low-cost, energy-saving option when it comes to illuminating your refrigerated items.

Keep The Cold on the Inside of Your Commercial Refrigerator

Imagine you turned the temperature in your home down to around 50 degrees, and then opened all of the windows in your house at the same time. Your air conditioner would be working overtime to try and compensate for all of the cool air that’s escaping and your electricity bill would be exorbitant. When you use open refrigerated display cases throughout the store, as opposed to closed-door displays, you are expending massive amounts of energy.

Instead of giving your customers the chills, invest in glass-door commercial refrigerators for your food inventory. Many glass door refrigerator models come equipped with self-closing doors that prevent units from accidentally being left opened by customers. This can make a huge impact on your energy consumption as well as your bottom line, simply by keeping the cold where it should be – inside the refrigerator.

Imbera offers best-in-class commercial refrigerators that come loaded with energy-saving features while maintaining the visual appeal you need to sell your food products. To find out how much you can save with an Imbera commercial refrigerator, call us today at 678-504-6842.