How Commercial Refrigerators in Micro Markets Can Help Keep Consumers Safe

Urbanization, high-mobility and changing consumer tastes have created the need for a niche market of automated, honor-system based food retail outlets. The growing micro-market industry sells a variety of fresh food options to shoppers in office buildings, apartment complexes, airports and athletic clubs. Fresh Food | Imbera Foodservice

The distinguishing feature of micro-markets is the offering of fresh foods to on-the-go customers in unattended locations.  Yogurt, milk, prepared sandwiches and juices are just a few of the items available for purchase at micro-markets.

However, the absence of staff supervision poses a challenge for the micro-market segment. How can food retailers keep consumers safe?

Mechanical problems and power source breakdowns can cause typical commercial refrigeration equipment to stop working. This creates conditions for food spoilage and unsafe consumption by shoppers.

In these scenarios, micro-market operators would not want to sell unsafe food.  Micro-market operators need a method of keeping inventory fresh and shoppers safe without human intervention.

Having the right commercial refrigerator installed in a micro-market can play an important role in preventing retail operators from selling unsafe food products to consumers.

Why Micro-Markets Need Commercial Refrigerators with Automatic Locking Mechanisms

Micro-markets need more than the standard commercial refrigerator to reduce the risk of unsafe food consumption. They need a technologically advanced commercial refrigerator that locks automatically, prohibiting the unit from being opened in the event the temperature rises to dangerous levels.

Few commercial refrigerator manufacturers have automatic locking mechanisms available. Imbera’s Performax30 is an automatic locking mechanism that activates if the internal temperature rises above 41.9 degrees Fahrenheit for longer than 15 minutes. This automated temperature monitoring system also locks after two minutes of a power outage.

The Performax30’s lock time can also be extended for up to two hours and forty-five minutes or until the internal temperature is below 41 degrees.

Commercial Refrigerators with Automatic Locking Mechanisms Keep Micro-Market Managers on Alert

Automatic locking systems on commercial refrigerators also help keep consumers safe by keeping micro-market operators informed. For example, Imbera’s Performax30 system monitors door activity before the locking mechanism engages and sends alerts with every locking event. Commercial Refrigerators for Micro Markets | Imbera Foodservice

Micro-market operators receive alerts when temperatures reach unsafe levels and the lock engages. This is helpful when unexpected problems like power outages occur overnight.

The Performax30 is also capable of system overrides and can be locked and unlocked independently.  These alerts and override functions reduce the likelihood of unnecessary on-site interventions by micro-market operators.

Overall, automatic locking mechanisms on commercial refrigerators enhance the health and safety of consumers utilizing micro-markets. To learn more about Imbera’s Performax30 health lock technology, contact us at 678-504-6842.