How Innovative Commercial Refrigerators Increase Food Product Sales

The key to a highly profitable supermarket, grocery or convenience store is food product sales. There’s a natural link between healthy product sales and the commercial refrigerators that keeps food cold.  Food product that is attractively displayed on refrigerator shelves sells better and adds to the bottom line of retail operators. This means commercial refrigerators must be designed to produce both maximize efficiency and high consumer engagement.  Supermarket Food | Imbera Food Service

Innovation in commercial refrigerator design and functionality provide opportunities for highly visible product placement in convenience stores, supermarkets and grocery stores.

Three features of cutting-edge commercial refrigerators can have a big impact on food product sales: high-efficiency LED lighting, high efficiency glass doors and data collection technology. Commercial refrigerators with advanced capabilities in these areas stimulate impulse purchases by consumers.

Three Innovations Commercial Refrigerators Must Have

Lighting:  Not only is traditional fluorescent lighting in commercial refrigerators energy inefficient, it doesn’t provide an optimal look for food products. Commercial refrigerators with LED lighting double as coolers and visual merchandising displays that entices customers to buy. That’s because LED lighting cuts down on glare, gets rid of hot spots and improves color rendering. As a result, food packaging stands out clearly and catch the eyes of shoppers on the move in the retail space.

Store managers will also love the energy savings of commercial refrigerators with LED lighting. LED lights give off less heat and reduce energy costs by as much as 60 percent.

Glass Doors:  Innovative commercial refrigerators provide a wide field of vision for consumer product engagement. Models with high-efficiency glass doors enable store managers to give food items high visibility and capture shoppers’ attention. Whether the commercial refrigerator is a single, double or triple door model, glass doors allow for attractive food displays that encourage purchases.

Glass doors also reduce energy consumption since they are opened less frequently. Consumers can see the contents of the refrigerator without opening the unit. Models with a self-closing system ensure cold air stays inside where it belongs.

Data Collection Technology: Consumers want the freshest food available. Therefore, preventing food spoilage due to equipment malfunction remains a top priority for store managers. Groundbreaking commercial refrigeration equipment anticipates and diagnoses issues before they result in food spoilage.

This technology collects and communicates equipment performance data and temperature levels in real time from the point of sale. This provides inventory managers with access to current data so they can keep refrigerator shelves stocked with the crispest, most appealing food items.

Today’s supermarket managers and convenience store operators need more from commercial refrigerators than simply keeping food cold. They need commercial refrigerators that provide consumers with confidence about food quality and encourage them to make purchases.

Technologically advanced commercial refrigeration equipment serves as a gateway for consumer engagement. Retail stores that invest in this equipment benefit from increased food product sales and satisfied customers who’ll return for repeat visits.

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