How Should My Commercial Refrigerator’s Temperature Be Set? 

When you manage a store that uses commercial refrigerators you don’t ⁠⁠⁠want⁠⁠⁠ a cooler that isn’t going to be reliable. Merely having a commercial refrigerator to hold your perishable food products doesn’t mean that your inventory is being stored at the proper temperatures.  Double Door Commerical Refrigerator | Imbera Foodservice

Any business that deals in food services operates under a heavily regulated scope. Maintaining the appropriate temperature inside your commercial refrigerator is essential to keeping your food and your customers safe.

Here are some tips for keeping your commercial refrigerator at the ideal temperature setting.

Know the Regulations for Your Commercial Refrigerator 

Different commercial refrigerators require individual temperatures. Temperature settings will depend on the items you are selling in your food service establishment. Meat, dairy and deli items will require different levels of refrigeration in order to remain safe for public consumption.

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the appropriate temperature for commercial refrigerators is 40-41º Fahrenheit. However, food will last longer the colder it is kept, making 38ºF the most preferable temperature.

Protecting Your Commercial Refrigerator from Malfunction 

It can often take some time for a commercial refrigerator to reach the ideal temperature. This process can be delayed or even halted altogether, though, when a mistake is made or a mechanical malfunction occurs.

There are few things worse for a supermarket or convenience store manager than closing up your store for the evening and assuming everything is in order, only to return the next morning and discover one of your refrigerator doors was left cracked open overnight. This leaves all of the food products inside vulnerable to spoilage and can potentially be a costly mistake.

Thankfully, a solution has been created to address this very issue. Electronic Lock Automation technology is an innovative feature included in some new commercial refrigerator models that is designed to monitor when the doors of the refrigerator are opened and closed. If a door remains open for too long and the sensors detect the refrigerator temperature rising to a level that indicates the food is unsafe for consumption, the automatic locks will engage, preventing shoppers from accessing the spoiled items. This is a revolutionary update for the commercial refrigerator industry, and has solved one of the primary concerns related to food freshness and interior temperature.

Many of Imbera Foodservice’s refrigerators feature automatic lock technology, giving storeowners the peace of mind knowing their food and their customers are protected. Contact Imbera Foodservice at 678-504-6842 to find out more about the cutting edge technology that are featured in our commercial refrigerators.