How the Right Commercial Refrigerator Can Influence Shopper Behavior

Never before have consumers been presented with so many options, and nowhere is this more evident than at the supermarket. While retailers are constantly seeking to gain new insights into shopper behavior, store managers also have the ability to influence the buying habits of those who walk through their doors.  Commercial Refrigerators in Micro Markets | Imbera Foodservice

Since consumption of refrigeration-dependent foods is at an all-time high, grocers who use commercial refrigerators in innovative ways can capitalize on this trend, influencing their customers’ choices and ultimately growing their bottom line.

Countertop Commercial Refrigerators Can Emphasize Promotions

Research has shown that customers often choose which grocery stores they frequent based on what promotions are being offered. In addition to employing traditional marketing tactics, such as distributing printed ads, supermarkets can reiterate their weekly deals on refrigerated products in-store by using commercial countertop refrigerators to feature limited quantities of sale items in strategic locations.

Two-for-one sale on a popular brand of yogurt? Along with the proper signage, reminding guests of the promotion by presenting a few flavor options in a small refrigerator unit placed next to the berries in the produce department can encourage customers to stock up on both items for a week of healthy breakfasts.

Endcaps Highlight Cold Inventory in Commercial Refrigerators

Because of their high visibility and the increased likelihood of shopper engagement, supermarket aisle endcaps are considered prime real estate. Instead of displaying dry goods on standard shelves, grocers can use this premium space to feature chilled foods in commercial refrigerators and freezers.

Whether store managers need to highlight a sale on frozen pizza, entice customers to try a new brand of fruit juice, move cartons of milk nearing their sell-by date, or remind holiday shoppers to pick up a pie, commercial refrigerators can be a valuable merchandising tool when used strategically to emphasize cold inventory along high-traffic endcap zones.

Open-Air Coolers Bundle Purchases for Grab-and-Go Convenience

With schedules that are more packed than ever, busy families are always looking for easy ways to plan and prepare wholesome meals. Grocers can help their customers take the guesswork out of breakfast, lunch, and dinner while enhancing their sales by stocking commercial open-air coolers with all the ingredients needed to assemble quick and tasty meals.

Shoppers rushing in after work will be relieved to find an open-air cooler near the entrance packed with pre-cooked chicken, shredded cheddar cheese, and sour cream beside a display of black beans, seasoning, and tortilla chips—along with a printed recipe for chicken tortilla soup. Likewise, a collection of salad greens, garlic bread, and ground beef nestled in a cooler next to shelves of pasta, marinara sauce, and vinaigrette can only mean one thing—it’s Italian night.

Or if the weekend is coming up, an open-air cooler filled with eggs, orange juice, and cinnamon rolls can inspire customers to grab the ingredients for an impromptu Saturday morning breakfast with the family. With minimal footprint, commercial open-air coolers provide food retailers with a unique and versatile marketing tool that can positively impact a store’s profit margin.

With a little imagination, food retailers can enlist commercial refrigerators of all shapes and sizes to cut through the noise of endless options and draw customers towards products that will yield high sales volume. To learn about Imbera’s full line of commercial refrigerators, including countertop and open-air models, contact us today at 678-504-6842.