How to Avoid Commercial Refrigerator Breakdowns

How to Avoid Commercial Refrigerator Breakdowns | Imbera FoodserviceNo matter what industry your business operates in, from restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, and more, commercial refrigerators are an important component of your day-to-day operations. Without proper care, your refrigerators can break down, leaving you with spoiled food products, lost revenue, and unhappy customers. In order to avoid the significant costs associated with repairing or replacing broken down refrigeration units, here are a few steps you can take to keep your commercial equipment in optimal condition.

Be Mindful of Their Location

The placement of your commercial refrigerators affects its ability to function properly. If the refrigerator’s fans or vents are obstructed, either by debris or by placing the unit flush to a wall, they won’t cool effectively. This can lead to expensive problems like a compressor breakdown when the unit overworks itself.

Overloaded and Overworked

Your commercial refrigerators aren’t designed to have food packed in to the brim, which will restrict air flow within the unit. When they’re overloaded, they will overwork themselves trying to maintain a proper temperature. If you’re not careful, you could risk food spoilage from an overstocked unit, as well as major refrigeration components breaking down before their natural lifespan.

Keep It Clean

A simple way to prolong the life of your refrigerator units is by keeping them clean, which reduces system wear and keeps everything functioning properly. You can use hot water and a mild soap to clean the inside and outside, but don’t get electrical components wet. Fan and condenser coils should be cleaned by professionals to avoid damaging delicate but critical refrigeration parts.

Watch for Breakdown Indicators

Despite your best efforts, commercial refrigerators can develop problems that require immediate professional attention to avoid a complete and costly breakdown. If the gaskets aren’t properly sealed, the unit will struggle to reach optimal cooling temperatures. Fluctuations in temperatures could be an indication of many issues, including problems with the fan, condenser, thermometer, or evaporator. Puddles forming on the inside or outside of the commercial refrigerator could be pointing to a major breakdown or a leak in the drainage line.

Because the signs of an imminent breakdown could be attributed to a number of issues, it’s important to have the unit inspected by a professional mechanic as soon as possible. In the same hand, keeping up with regular refrigerator maintenance with experienced commercial refrigeration technicians can help identify problems early before they result in costly repairs or replacements.

The best way to avoid commercial refrigeration breakdown is by using the units as intended, keeping them clean, inspecting them for potential issues, and keeping up with regular maintenance. To get the most out of your commercial refrigeration needs, look no further than Imbera Foodservice. Our extensive line of commercial refrigerators is suited to a variety of business needs, with innovative designs and advanced technology that’s made to last. Contact us today to find out more.