How to Entice Your Customers with Visually Appealing Commercial Refrigerators

Supermarkets, convenience stores and other retail outlets that sell food all have one goal in mind: maximize sales. What makes the retail environment so challenging is that there is so much competition for shopper’s attention. The key to effectively capturing shopper’s attention lies in effective visual merchandising.   Commercial Refrigerators | Imbera Food Service

Visual merchandising focuses on in-store product presentation designed to drive consumer response. Visual merchandising covers where food product is displayed and how it’s presented.

Most retail store managers are familiar with visual merchandising and apply the concept regularly to store shelves and point-of-sale displays. However, even a stationary fixture like a commercial refrigerator can be utilized to stimulate the interest of shoppers.

Commercial Refrigerator Features that Capture Shoppers’ Attention

The primary function of commercial refrigerators is to keep food cold. However, today’s innovatively designed and technologically advanced commercial refrigerators double as effective showcases for food products. For example, LED lighting supports energy efficiency but it also illuminates food products in the most attractive manner. LED lighting adds a luminous sheen to food packaging that isn’t possible with standard florescent lighting. This warm glow attracts the attention of shoppers cruising down the store aisle in search of a refreshing beverage or kitchen staple.

Glass doors are another feature of state-of-the-art commercial refrigerators that facilitate shopper engagement. On a functional level, low-emissivity film reduces condensation on glass that fogs up shoppers’ view of food products. Equally important, glass doors offer store managers an opportunity to showcase food items in a way that positions them for sale.

Where to Place Food Products in a Commercial Refrigerator for Maximum Visibility

Where products are placed in a commercial refrigerator also has an impact on sales to consumers. For example, food products placed on shelves at the consumer’s eye level are typically the fastest sellers. Conversely, items places on lower shelves have less visibility and move slower.

One technique supermarket and convenience store operators use to manage shelf space is to place products from well-known brands on the bottom shelf and featured products on the middle or higher racks. This enables store managers to promote store brands or influence shoppers with sale pricing, seasonal displays and vibrant food packaging.

Most commercial refrigerator manufacturers focus on the hardware needed to keep food at safe temperatures. While that’s an absolute must-have in a commercial refrigerator, there so much more today’s models can do when they are designed with innovation in mind.

Imbera Foodservice offers a complete line of cutting-edge commercial refrigerators designed cool effectively and function with high-efficiency. Imbera’s equipment line features LED lighting and glass doors that draw customers to food products and help stores sell more food. Contact Imbera Foodservice at 678-504-6842 to learn more about what our commercial refrigerators can do for your supermarket, convenience store or retail outlet.