How to Select the Right Commercial Refrigerator for Your Retail Space

Food retail store managers have a lot to think about when choosing a commercial refrigerator. In addition to fitting into your retail space, a commercial refrigeration unit must be energy-efficient and keep food safe. How to Select the Right Commercial Refrigerator for Your Retail Space | Imbera Foodservice

Ease of use, consumer in-store experience and maximization of product inventory are also important factors to consider. Here are three key considerations for purchasing a new commercial refrigerator for your retail space.

Look for a Commercial Refrigerator with a Streamlined Design

Commercial refrigerators must be functional and keep food cold. However, they must also be designed to maximize retail space.  Many convenience stores and food service establishments have a limited amount of space for equipment. Therefore, when it comes to selecting a commercial refrigerator, bigger isn’t always better.

A streamlined design maximizes interior space and more interior space allows more product to be displayed on shelves. Commercial refrigerators with deep interior space don’t have to take up a wide footprint and this benefits retail sites with small storefronts.

Commercial refrigerators with a streamlined design also translates into more aisle space and less congestion in stores. Government and local regulations dictate the width of commercial walkways and aisles. Many single door commercial refrigerators don’t exceed a depth of 23 ¼” and some are available with a sleek stainless steel look.

Choose a Commercial Refrigerator with Health Protection Features

Retail store managers can take advantage of the latest technology to protect their customers. Look for a commercial refrigerator with an automatic locking system to help keep consumers safe.

This type of health lock is regulated by the internal temperature of the refrigeration unit. The locking mechanism activates if the inside temperature rises above 41.9 degrees for longer than 15 minutes. This prevents consumers from accessing food that has reached an unsafe temperature.

Commercial refrigerators with a health locking mechanism are ideal for unattended location and micromarkets. They are also helpful for unexpected events like power outages when food can quickly spoil before electricity returns.

Help Selecting the Right Commercial Refrigerator

Retail store managers need commercial refrigerators that maintain food safety, maximize retail space and facilitate customer satisfaction. Seeking out models with health locks and efficient space utilization is a sound way to achieve these goals.

Imbera offers a complete line of technologically advanced commercial refrigerators. Contact us at (678) 504-6842 to speak with one of our expert representatives. They can provide you with assistance in choosing a commercial refrigerator that fits your needs.