Imbera Delivers Micro Market Commercial Freezers for Hotels

Commercial Freezers for Hotels | ImberaThe National Automatic Merchandising Association defines Micro Markets as distinctly different from convenience stores. While the “micro markets” you find in hotel lobbies and other guest areas offer great convenience, they are designed to serve “a select group of consumers, offering a wide range of “better for you” products, particularly in the fresh fruit and food categories.”

Micro Market Commercial Freezer Helps Hotels Offer Wider Selection of Healthy, Frozen Meals and Food Items

Imbera Foodservice creates versatile and high performing Micromarket commercial refrigerators. In this case, the Imbera VFS23 is a large capacity freezer, which displays products cleanly with LCD ringing the door.

This is both a low maintenance and high performance system. It cools rapidly and consistently while keeping energy use at a minimum. It has automated control system that can manage the temperature according to what is occurring in the environment. If it’s hotter, the freezer will drop in temperature to keep the products cool at an even rate.

Inside the walls of this freezer is CFC and HFC Free Cyclopentane Foam, which is good for the environment and creates a high efficiency insulated space.

Five shelves offer a lot of room to store products, and the total weight is 378 pounds. There are three cabinet color choices – black, stainless steel and white. There are also three graphics choices.

One great feature of this freezer is the glass door, which allows customers to see the contents. In a business where the effect of display aids the rate of sales, Imbera makes a point to keep the freezer as attractive a frame as what may be inside.

The glass isn’t hindrance, either. People don’t have glass faced freezers at home because they already know what is inside, and typically, the energy lost through a glass front appliance is more than through a solid door with heavier insulation.

High-Performance and Energy Saving Features for Commercial Freezer

Not so with the Imbera VFS23, which features a double panel glass window and low-e film that cuts down condensation. Another energy saver is the LED lighting system, which only uses part of the energy of comparable fluorescent lights, with a lifespan of 7 years.

Even the motor is special. The electric fan is designed for high performance and efficiency, using only some of the energy that a standard shaded pole motor does. The BMAD refrigeration system helps the cooling happen quickly even while saving on energy.

A health lock is also available, which automatically locks the freezer if the temperature rises above 0.4 degrees for more than 15 minutes. This lock allows the freezer to return to its optimal temperature and maintain the freshness of its food.

It also locks under the following circumstances:

  • When consumer protection is needed.
  • When the temperature probe fails.
  • Within 2 minutes of AC power loss.

The health lock is a device engineered exclusively by Imbera and Triteq, and is made to work with any Triteq or P1 key and AutoTraq. It has UL and NAMA certifications, and it has an simple to access testing toggle to comply with Health Department inspections.

The Exterior Dimensions:
W – 30 ⅛”
D – 30 ⅞”
H – 78 ¾”

The Interior Dimensions:
W – 26 ½”
D – 25 ⅞”
H – 60 ¾”

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