We develop in-house technology with an R&D department of more than 100 people designing and developing equipment and components according to the three innovation drivers.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Imbera uses the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model to calculate all direct and indirect expenses across the life cycle stages of a cooler. With this information, we have redesigned our equipment to obtain an 80% reduction in the TCO compared to similar coolers in the market.
This reduction has been possible by introducing innovations such as:

• Standard high efficiency LED lighting
• Proprietary Energy Management and Maintenance Device (EMMD)
• Electronic fan motors
• Low maintenance condensers
• Increased component life
• Variable speed compressors
• Optimization system
• Heat exchanger
• High efficiency doors

80% of the sales over the past two years consist of products that are in the market for less than two years.

Reduction | Imbera Foodservice

Proprietary Energy Management and Maintenance Device (EMMD)

We have developed the Energy Management & Maintenance Device (EMMD), which offers energy savings of up to 20% and has significantly reduced maintenance costs by anticipating and diagnosing equipment failures. Our EMMD is capable of recording equipment performance information and even communicate in real time with the cooler at the Point-of-Sale.

Imbera’s research agency (Indica) validates the effectiveness of our coolers. Our laboratories have been awarded many national and international accreditations, allowing us to  certify our coolers according to different systems and protocols:

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