Light Up Your Sales: How Commercial Refrigerators with LED Lighting Can Boost Food Purchases

It is important to pay attention to how consumers respond to store environments and if their responses affect consumption. Commercial refrigerators should integrate seamlessly with retail environments to make shopping pleasant for consumers. How Commercial Refrigerators with LED Lighting Can Boost Food Purchases | Imbera Foodservice

Good lighting is the unsung hero of commercial refrigerators because when it works it often goes unnoticed. Bad lighting, on the other hand, can affect the appearance of food stored in a commercial refrigerator and result in unpleasant shopping experiences for consumers.

Understanding how light effects food product displays gives insight to how to appeal to consumer attitudes and behavior.

The Science Behind LED Lighting in Commercial Refrigerators

There’s a science behind display lighting in commercial refrigerators. Light sources are classified by their color temperature which is simply a description of the warmth or coolness of the light. Kelvin is the unit of measurement for light. Higher Kelvin numbers are cooler whereas lower Kelvin numbers are considered warmer.

Shopping is a visual task that is performed better with cooler light because of the higher color contrasts it produces. The higher visual contrast makes shopping easier because food products stand out on the shelves of commercial refrigerators. So, it is important for retailers to purchase commercial refrigerators that are aligned with consumer psychology in order to maximize sales.

How LED Lighting Helps Sell Food

LED lighting makes seeing products placed inside commercial refrigerators easy. If a consumer can easily see inside each unit, inventory has a greater likelihood of generating sales.

How does it work? Lined inside each commercial refrigerator are clustered groups of six light tracks that run each unit’s length. The purpose of these clusters is to illuminate the contents retailers place inside each unit without the glaring blast of direct light.

Each track provides direct lighting powerful enough to prevent the creation of shadows and dark spaces. This results in optimal and beautifully displayed food merchandise. LED lighting also lowers energy expenses and maintenance costs.

Understanding the science behind light gives insight into how to appeal to consumers. Imbera commercial refrigerators are equipped with state of the art features that make it easy to attractively display food while keeping energy costs low.

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