On-the-Go Food Cases Are on the Rise

On-the-go food cases are increasing in popularity, making them key to merchandise sales. From supermarkets to c-stores, hotel lobbies, and more, consumers want to get what they need and get going.  

The popularity of impulse-driven food sales brings change to store layouts and the type of commercial refrigerators being used. Here’s what foodservice directors and operators need to know about the rising demand for grab-and-go food options.  

Commercial Refrigerators Grab and Go Food Display | Imbera FoodserviceIt’s Not Just in Supermarkets 

When most people think of on-the-go food cases, supermarkets and convenience stores come to mind. However, many other industries are taking advantage of this trend. Education, healthcare, and commercial facilities are implementing grab-and-go food cases to better serve hungry, busy customers.  

From elementary schools to college campuses, on-the-go equipment offers ready-made food choices and reduces time spent waiting in line. Students are always busy getting to their next class, so this solution ensures they have access to healthy food choices even in a time crunch.  

In healthcare, most meals are taken on the go because people are so strapped for time. Whether it’s the medical staff or family members visiting patients, the ability to move quickly through the line is critical. Adding grab-and-go food choices to commercial facilities is a great way to keep employees happy and increase revenue.  

All About Convenience 

Impulse purchases are primarily driven by a sense of convenience. When customers only have a short window of time, how you place equipment and display products can make or break your sales.  

The layout of your grab-and-go equipment should help manage traffic flow. Avoid putting display cases in areas where your customers are already waiting in line for something else.  

Eye-catching designs will make customers stop and ponder options they didn’t even know they wanted. Consider curved merchandising units, or those with attractive LED lighting.  

Open-front food cases will boost your bottom line because they make it easy for hungry customers to grab what they need and get on their way. You can help prevent energy loss by investing in a night cover. This keeps cold air trapped inside the unit at night when your business is closed.  

High Quality and Energy-Efficient 

Keep in mind that grab-and-go isn’t limited to processed, packaged foods. Many consumers today are looking for healthy, high quality options. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and premade sandwiches or salads are just a few examples of how to stock your cases with fresh and appealing food.  

If your products are produced sustainably or in environmentally-friendly packaging, advertise it on your displays. PET and glass bottles are great for beverages, and recycled packaging helps boost customer interest in food options.  

Imbera Foodservice carries a wide variety of on-the-go refrigerated cases that help you showcase your products while keeping them fresh. The LED lighting in all of our commercial refrigerators brings out the best in your products while using minimal energy.  

Take advantage of this food trend. Contact Imbera at 678-504-6835 to get matched with the refrigeration model that will best meet your needs.