Our Predictions for the Foodservice Industry in 2017

2017 Predictions for the Foodservice Industry | Imbera FoodserviceThe past year was one of modest growth for the foodservice industry. As the U.S. economy continued to stabilize and create jobs, consumers sought out a variety of restaurant settings and this increased sales by about 5%.

The busy lifestyles of working consumers are expected to drive sales at restaurants in the new year. To successfully leverage this trend, foodservice outlets will need innovative commercial refrigerators that feature advanced technology, keep food safe, and conserve energy.

Here’s more about our predictions for the foodservice industry in 2017.

Advanced Technology in Commercial Refrigerators Will Be Indispensable

Quick service restaurants and fast casual establishments were growth leaders in 2016. In 2017, we expect increased demand by consumers for convenient food options and for the number of micro-markets and unattended locations to grow. Foodservice businesses operating these types of establishments need commercial refrigerators that incorporate state-of-the-art technology to keep food at ideal temperatures and consumers safe – even when there’s no staff on site to monitor the premises. Commercial refrigerators with automatic electronic locking systems will play a big role here. This technology prevents customers from accessing food items from the cooler if the temperature rises to unsafe levels.

Hygienic Commercial Refrigerators Will Be a Key Factor in Ensuring Food Safety

As more people eat at restaurants, consumer safety will remain a top priority in 2017. Food safety goes beyond protecting the food itself from contamination but also includes maintaining a healthy kitchen environment. One way foodservice operators can make it easier to achieve this goal is to use stainless steel commercial refrigerators. Stainless steel is non-porous and that repels bacteria and prevents dirt from being absorbed. This makes stainless steel commercial refrigerators an ideal choice for restaurants as well as for school cafeterias and medical facilities. Stainless steel enables kitchen staff to easily maintain a hygienic refrigerator that meets regulatory standards and keeps food safe.

Energy Efficient Commercial Refrigerators Will Help Keep Costs in Check

Although we expect consumer demand to increase, the cost of doing business is likely to rise as well. Next to food and labor, energy costs take up a significant portion of a restaurant’s operating budget and these expenses can cut into growth. This makes 2017 the ideal time for foodservice establishments to invest in energy efficient commercial refrigerators. Look for models featuring LED lighting, electronic motors, and electronic temperature controllers. These features keep food fresh, safe, and attractive to customers while using less energy.

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