Polaris Brings Point-of-Sale Intelligence to Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

In order for convenience stores, retail shops and supermarkets to be successful, their commercial refrigeration equipment needs to do more than keep food products cold. Retailers must also make sure that the right merchandise is stocked in the cooler and that it is displayed in a visually appealing manner that entices consumers at the point-of-sale. Maximizing Point-of-Sale Strategies | Imbera Food Service

Retail store managers use planograms and other visual merchandising tools to incorporate consumer insights into their point-of-sale marketing strategies. Following the planogram, and being able to quickly adapt based on in-store conditions, can make the difference between selling a product or losing a sale.

Indica, a creative research agency that works closely with Imbera, designed Polaris. The technology help Imbera customers maximize the performance of their cooling equipment by gathering data from point-of-sale. Using the latest technological innovations, Imbera has embedded Polaris into the state-of-the-art design of its newest commercial refrigerators.

How Commercial Refrigeration Technology Helps Retail Store Managers

Using Polaris, retail store managers can monitor whether planograms are being properly implemented and measure the effectiveness of their planogram designs. Polaris makes this possible by collecting and analyzing sampling data from the point-of-sale. Polaris monitors pricing communications, competition and product performance in specific geographic locations.

Polaris also monitors stock levels in commercial refrigeration equipment. It alerts store managers when a product is out of stock or not safe for consumption. This enables store managers to increase inventory efficiency. They can use data from Polaris to ensure the right products are optimally displayed in a commercial refrigerator at the right time and in the right quantity.

Managers can also use data from Polaris to make informed decisions about where to strategically place commercial refrigerators in the store to maximize product sales. This enables them to adjust point-of-sale marketing strategies as needed and use resources more efficiently.

Additionally, intelligence gathered by Polaris can be used by managers to create more accurate forecasts that anticipate consumer trends and opportunities for market expansion.

Maximize Point-of-Sale Strategies with Polaris

Overall, Polaris gives Imbera’s customers better control of their commercial refrigeration equipment at the point-of-sale.  They can evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies and observe the impact of changes on sales to consumers.

Polaris can work independently or in conjunction with Imbera Link. Imbera Link is technology embedded into Imbera’s latest commercial refrigerator models. Imbera Link helps customers reduce total cost of ownership by collecting performance data from equipment.

By partnering with Indica on Polaris, Imbera is taking its commercial refrigeration equipment beyond cooling. Contact Imbera Foodservice today to learn more about what innovations like Polaris and Imbera Link can do for you.