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Imbera is the worldwide leader in commercial refrigeration. Imbera has been dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of commercial coolers since 1951. We have an international reach with three production facilities, sales offices in eight countries and maintenance services in eight countries. This allows us to be quick and responsive to our customers’ needs no matter where they are located.

Imbera provides a variety of services for our customers including commercial refrigeration sales, transport, installation, relocation, maintenance, refurbishment and final disposal. We also sell spare parts and accessories for commercial refrigeration systems.

Our commercial refrigerators are known around the world for providing reliable and sustainable cold at the point of sale. This enables our customers to store and display food products safely, efficiently, and attractives to consumers.

Innovative Commercial Refrigerators, Coolers and Freezers

Imbera prides itself on utilizing the latest technological advances to provide our customers with innovative commercial refrigeration systems that are highly efficient, reduce energy consumption and promote environmental sustainability. The majority of our product sales consist of commercial refrigeration systems that have been on the market less than two years. These units feature:

  • Energy Management and Maintenance Devices (EMMD)
  • Variable Speed Compressors
  • LED Lighting
  • Electronic Motors
  • High Efficiency Glass Doors
  • Low Maintenance Condensers
  • Eco-friendly Cyclopentane Blowing Agents
  • Plastic Components

Imbera’s customer-minded innovations also extend to important design elements in our commercial refrigeration products. For example, our frameless door design gives products increased visibility. Our high efficiency glass doors are also made to reduce condensation and self close to conserve energy.

We also carry a complete line of different sized units designed to blend seamlessly into virtually any food service outlet. Our Pentagon cooler provides an enticing panoramic view and easy access for consumers at point of sale locations. Convenience stores can display products with a 180 degree view with our VR18 Oxxo model. Another exciting innovation is our Emotion Door that display visually stunning branding and product images on a screen for maximum marketing impact.

From smaller countertop models to tall and slender units, Imbera offers customers the flexibility they need to make the most of prime floor space. We also have units with large display capacities that are both economical and effective at keeping food at the ideal temperature.

Imbera commercial refrigeration systems also offer customers a variety of accessories that are both functional and visually appealing. Available accessories include plastic shelves, color shelves, chameleon profiles and cool ads. These accessories provide excellent opportunities for promoting brands and food products.

Total Cost of Ownership and Sustainability

Imbera commercial refrigeration systems lead the industry in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). TCO includes acquisition, installation, maintenance, energy, refurbishment, and final disposal costs over the lifespan of a cooler. Imbera uses the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model to calculate all direct and indirect expenses across the life cycle stages of a cooler. Since 2002, we have focused on enhancing the efficiency of our coolers in order to gradually reduce their TCO. Since then, we have lowered the energy consumption of our coolers by almost 80%*, placing them below the average consumption established by Energy Star.

Imbera commercial refrigeration products are showcases for our company’s commitment to sustainability. We build our coolers with sustainable materials that reduce the potential for negative environmental impact. This includes using environmentally friendly refrigerants that are free of chlorofluorocarbons and hydrofluorocarbons.

Energy costs typically account for approximately 64 percent of total cost of ownership. Features like LED lighting systems use less energy and last longer than fluorescent lights. Other advances in technology such as electronic temperature controllers and electronic fan motors also ensure coolers consume less energy. Variable speed compressors enable coolers to use energy more efficiently by precisely matching a system’s usage to the load needed at any given time.

As a result, our customers have seen an 85% reduction in energy consumption costs over the last decade. These energy savings help reduce carbon emissions and preserve more than 32,000 acres of forest.

Additionally, sustainability is also factored into the final disposal of our commercial refrigeration units. When your cooler reaches the end of its life cycle, we carefully facilitate its disposal by recycling usable parts and materials. We also certify the destruction process to ensure any potentially hazardous components are properly destroyed.

Imbera also helps its customers reduce total cost of ownership by design units for low maintenance. For example, low maintenance condensers use a finless design to impede dust accumulation that blocks air flow.

When maintenance does become necessary, Imbera’s highly-skilled team of 2,500 refrigeration specialists stand ready to assist customers with rapid response technical support and repair. Imbera’s network of service contractors also offers spare parts and replacement accessories for any commercial refrigeration order.

Our commercial refrigeration units consistently provide rapid cool down and maintain optimal temperature levels for food products. Customers from food service establishments to quick service convenience stores rely on Imbera to deliver high performance, low maintenance, consistent functionality and maximum product visibility everyday.

Imbera is synonymous with innovative technology. This focus on the latest technology allows us to provide the best energy savings and to adapt to the most current cooling strategies of our customers. We serve commercial business and public and government institutions that are responsible for preparing food outside the home setting.

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Consistent, differentiated, and sustainable cold at the point of sale.

• We offer the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.
• Our products are certified by top international regulations.
• We have been recognized as the #1 Coca-Cola supplier worldwide.
• 80% of our sales over the past two years are derived from products that have been in the market for less than two years.
• Imbera Services is the largest full-service maintenance organization of any manufacturer in the Americas today, with over 2,500 field service technicians.