We offer a wide variety of commercial refrigerators that help businesses to showcase their products while simultaneously keeping those products fresh and saving energy costs.

Innovation from every angle enhances the design of Imbera Foodservice commercial refrigerators. This approach provides supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and other food service outlets with superior equipment that keeps food safe and helps sell more products.

Imbera commercial refrigerators are designed to be attractive and advanced. They keep products properly cooled with maximum energy efficiency while using a minimum of space. Imbera has models to match every food service operation and retail environment.

Commercial Refrigerators Designed for Visual Merchandising

We offer a wide variety of commercial refrigerators that help food businesses to showcase their products. The design of Imbera commercial refrigerators actually stimulate food product sales. Our high-efficiency glass doors give shoppers a clear, tantalizing profile of what is inside. At the same time, the double panel glass door uses low-e film to curb condensation and keep food visible.

This visual merchandising is enhanced by our powerful LED lighting, which includes color rendering that brings out the best in food products. Rail and lighting in the shelves saturates the interior space with light for maximum product visibility. Our advanced LED lighting is also designed for the greatest illumination with minimal energy consumption.

To achieve optimal performance in food merchandising, Imbera commercial refrigerators are designed to be placed in high traffic locations where customers can easily explore products.

Our commercial refrigerators are also available in a multitude of dimensions including countertop refrigerators that can be positioned at the point of sale and slim refrigerators that fit in narrow retail spaces. This provides retail outlets with an opportunity to increase revenue.

Commercial Refrigerators Driven by Advanced Technology

Imbera commercial refrigerators do more than keep food and beverages cold. Technology enables our commercial refrigerators to collect data on consumer behavior. Tracking the number of times that a refrigerator is opened, when it happens and for how long are all aspects of how data affects food product inventory and sales. Not only do our commercial refrigerators provide real feedback on what food products are popular with shoppers, they let store managers know how quickly products are being purchased and when it’s time to restock.

Data gathering gives store managers a record of the performance of every Imbera refrigerator in a supermarket, convenience store or restaurant. Managers can review daily operating costs and gain insight into total cost of ownership. Store operators can see which products are competitive, which need better positioning and what inventory needs to be adjusted.

State-of-the-Art Commercial Refrigerators

Imbera Foodservice commercial refrigerators offer convenience stores, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and supermarkets an array of state-of-the-art features. For example, our super-efficient BMAD refrigeration system creates a rapid cool down of the cabinet and ensures a steady temperature with a minimal amount of energy use.

The Imbera finless condenser stops dust that blocks air flow from entering the fan, helping to save electricity and extend the compressor’s usable life. We also use CFC and HFC free cyclopentane foam to insulate the cabinet in a way that is environmentally friendly.

Another innovative feature is the optional, automated safety lock. When engaged, the lock will activate after the door has been left open and food is in danger of spoiling. This protects customers and improves inventory management.

These features are just some of the major advances in design and technology that Imbera brings to retail store and food service operators. Additionally, Imbera’s strong warranty program provides expansive coverage across the United States in the event a commercial refrigerator requires repair.

Take a look at Imbera’s wide selection of commercial refrigerators to see which models look right for your store or retail environment. Then, contact us at 678-504-6842 so we can assist you with purchasing the commercial refrigeration equipment that best meets your needs.