Stainless steel appliances have been popular in the foodservice industry for some time. They offer restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets and micro-markets great aesthetic appeal and functional options.

Imbera has taken the benefits of the stainless steel commercial refrigerator to the next level with its state of the art technology.

Imbera new stainless steel line give foodservice retail outlets and institutional kitchens the reliability they need to keep products at safe temperatures and the efficiency they need to manage energy consumption. Stainless steel commercial refrigerators also provide a sleek design and professional look that will capture the eyes of consumers.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Commercial Refrigerators

Stainless steel commercial refrigerators offer foodservice operators many benefits. For example, stainless steel commercial refrigerators are easy to clean. Whether it’s at a school cafeteria or convenience store, food and beverages constantly spill and stain appliances. Unlike other more porous materials, stainless steel prevents dirt from being absorbed, resists fingerprints and repels bacteria. This makes it quick and easy to clean and sanitize on a daily basis.

Not only does this make it easier for staff to maintain a hygienic commercial refrigerator, it also helps keep food service outlets in compliance with health agencies and other regulatory authorities. Cleaner, shinier commercial refrigerators are also more appealing to supermarket shoppers and food retail customers.

Additionally, fading and discoloring cause standard refrigerators to age poorly and lose their visual appeal. However, stainless steel is resistant to dulling, rusting, smudges and scratches. This enables stainless steel commercial refrigerators to look great in institutional and retail environments year after year.

Stainless Steel Commercial Refrigerator with Automatic Locking Mechanism

Imbera understands that consumer safety is a top priority for foodservice outlets. That’s why Imbera’s stainless steel commercial refrigerators can be equipped with automatic locking mechanisms. This innovative feature prevents consumers from accessing food when it has not been kept at a safe temperature.

Imbera’s Performax30 automatic locking device is triggered when the refrigerator’s temperature remains above 41.9°f for longer than 15 minutes. It will also lock if there is a loss of power. Automatic health locks are beneficial for supermarkets, school cafeteria and unattended food retail outlets. Imbera’s G3 19 single door and VRD 43 double door commercial refrigerators can be equipped with the Performax30 health lock.

Energy Efficient Stainless Steel Commercial Refrigerators

Imbera’s stainless steel commercial refrigerators offer food retailers as many benefits on the inside as they do on the outside. For example, Imbera uses LED lighting in its refrigerators. LED lighting uses only a fraction of the energy cost of standard lighting and lasts longer. Additionally, LED lighting makes food displayed in commercial refrigerators more appealing to consumers and this helps increase sales at supermarkets, restaurants and convenience stores.

Imbera’s stainless steel commercial refrigerators feature other energy efficient components. For example, Imbera employs electronic fan motors that use only a fraction of the energy of traditional shaded pole fan motors. Electronic fan motors also outlast shaded pole motors ensuring a longer lifespan for your commercial refrigerator.

Imbera also uses a finless compressor which reduces the need for maintenance and increases the life of our commercial refrigerators. Traditional commercial refrigerators use compressors with fins that can be blocked with dust that causes them to consume lots of energy.

Environmental sustainability is another important component of Imbera’s stainless steel commercial refrigerators. For instance, Imbera utilizes CFC and HFC Free Cyclopentane foam insulation that is both ecofriendly and efficient. These features help food service operators conserve resources and support protection of the environment.

All of these advanced features have paved the way for Imbera Foodservice to lead the industry in lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This focused effort toward lowering customer costs has resulted in an 85% reduction of energy consumption since 2002.

Stainless Steel Commercial Refrigerators for the Foodservice Industry

Stainless steel commercial refrigerators offer food retailers an eye-catching design, easy maintenance and robust energy efficiency.

With the added power of cutting-edge technology like the Performax30 automatic health lock, Imbera’s stainless steel commercial refrigerators help keep consumers safe while looking spectacular in supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores and micro-markets.

For more information on our line of innovative stainless steel commercial refrigerators, contact Imbera Foodservice at 678-504-6842.

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