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Imbera is working with BioRegional, a British non-profit organization that is based on the One Planet Living Sustainability Principles. The vision of One Planet Living is of a sustainable world in which people everywhere enjoy a high quality of life; which is defined by Bioregional as a life predominant in consuming resources within the productive capacity of the planet.

Imbera is the first One Planet Company of the Americas and the only One Planet Company currently in its industry worldwide. For more information, visit:

We have reduced energy consumption by 85% in our products over the past ten years.

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Imbera invests in development different technologies and applications to improve CO2 refrigeration design, helping to reduce energy consumption and implementation costs.

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We have the highest number of certified refrigerators with CO2 natural refrigerant gas in the Coca-Cola System worldwide.

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Imbera has the capability of supplying coolers with natural gases


We are committed to contributing to the health of the environment by producing equipment with the best Life Cycle Climate Performance (LCCP) and minimizing the environmental impact of Imbera appliances at all stages of their life cycle.
LCCP is the most comprehensive tool for measuring environmental impact. It is based on the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by a cooler during its entire lifecycle.