The Innovation in Commercial Refrigerators That Helps Food Retailers Protect Consumers

Performax 30 | Imbera Food Service Everyday, food retail store managers work hard to engage their customers. Most stores concentrate on the basics of convenience, variety and attractively priced food items to keep shoppers happy. The availability of fresh food and variety in inventory also factor into building customer loyalty.

However, focusing on food safety is equally critical to achieving success in the competitive retail space. Having the right equipment to store food products is vital to ensuring consumer protection and remaining in regulatory compliance. This is just as important for supermarkets and convenience stores as it is for micromarkets and unattended locations.

Read on to find out what innovation in commercial refrigerators helps food retailers protect consumers.

Commercial Refrigerators with Electronic Lock Automation Help Keep Consumers Safe

Most people enjoy strolling through the supermarket or convenience store but more often shoppers are pressed for time. They may be buying food before heading to work or picking up a quick snack during their lunch break.

That means customers are constantly opening and closing commercial refrigerator doors. Very often, shoppers will absent-mindedly leave the refrigerator door open. When they do, cold air escapes and food becomes vulnerable to spoilage.

Food services operators with staff on-site may be able to catch an open refrigerator door as they walk around the store. However, if they miss it, the store will lose both costly inventory and valuable sales.

Electronic lock automation is an innovation in the latest commercial refrigerator models that can address this issue. Automated electronic lock systems monitor when refrigerator doors are opened and closed. If a refrigerator door is left opened for too long before being closed and the product temperature rises above safe levels, the unit will automatically lock so shoppers can’t access food that may have spoiled.

Electronic lock automation also helps protect consumers during power outages. If the power to the refrigerator is lost, the unit will automatically lock within two minutes. The refrigerator will remain locked until the food temperature returns to normal levels.

Micromarkets Benefit from Electronic Locks on Commercial Refrigerators

Micromarkets are one of the fastest growing segments of food retail. These small establishments offer consumers convenient access to fruit, sandwiches, salads, beverages and other food items. The number of micromarkets continues to increase as hotel lobbies, canteens and cafeterias offer this shopping option to customers.

However, many micromarkets and unattended locations are without staff to supervise consumer activities. As a result, food products stored in commercial refrigerators at these establishments are susceptible to spoilage if the unit is left opened or loses power.

State-of-the-art consumer refrigerators with electronic locking mechanisms can reduce the chances of spoiled food jeopardizing consumer safety. These models utilize a lock temperature probe to replicate the internal temperature of food products. This ensures that temperatures don’t rise above 41.9 degrees Fahrenheit and allow food to go bad.

Electronic lock automation is fast becoming a must have feature of commercial refrigerators. For example, Imbera Foodservice’s Performax 30 features HealthLock, a mechanical and electronic locking system that prevents customers from accessing food products from the unit if the temperature rises to unsafe levels. To find out more about this innovative feature, contact Imbera Foodservice at 678-504-6842.