The Rise of the Commercial Refrigerator in Micro Markets

The Rise of the Commercial Refrigerator in Micro Markets | Imbera FoodservicesHotels, motels and conference centers want to offer the greatest convenience to guests and visitors.

Many hotels, especially those that cater to business travelers, offer smaller refrigerators or packaged food kiosks. Weary travelers arriving late have the option of grabbing a frozen meal, sandwich or other prepared meal to enjoy once they reach peace and quiet of their guest room.

While this is not the ideal scenario for enjoying a meal, it’s the reality for most frequent fliers and road warriors. Micro Markets are a welcome option for travelers who want healthy meal options, snacks and fresh fruit.

Imbera G319 Performax Commercial Refrigerator Fits Smaller Spaces in Hotel Lobbies and Guest Areas

Imbera’s G319 Performax refrigerator is the standard for micro markets that need to offer a powerful way to display food in small spaces.

The five shelves are 24 ¾” by 19 ⅝” providing room for a significant amount of products. The exterior dimensions of the G319 are as follows:

W: 29 ½”
D: 27 ½”
H: 78 ¾”

Low maintenance and high performance come together in this refrigerator, which gets fast cooling and straight temperature with low energy use.

The temperatures are controlled by an automatic controller, and remain unhindered by the glass door. The glass door is double paned and made with self-closing hinges, which make sure the door closes properly every time and avoids damage.

The contents are lit with an LED light system, superior to higher energy wasting fluorescent lights, which requires replacement only once in seven years.

What you don’t see inside the refrigerator walls are the CFC and HFC Free Cyclopentane Foam, which is green-friendly, reusable and great for insulating. The energy savings includes the motor, which uses less energy than a traditional shaded pole type.

Finally, the condenser is finless, which means it will collect less dust and block less air flow; this will make the compressor last significantly longer.

Imbera Health Lock Timer Helps Keep Refrigerated Food Fresh and Safe

You never want to be responsible for a customer getting sick. That’s the beauty of the Health Lock Timer, a smart lock that activates when temperatures rise too high for unhealthy periods of time.

Micro markets have a similar responsibility as supermarkets to keep their perishable foods at a temperature that keeps them fresh and fit for consumption. Until now, however, there hasn’t been a way to ensure that perishable foods are indeed safe.

Food safety information is typically based on a product’s expiration date. But what about the surrounding temperature? There’s usually no great way to know if you’re carrying spoiled foods by the temperature. It requires staff to walk over to the refrigerator and check the degree reading.

But that’s ineffective, error prone and still doesn’t account for short periods of time when the temperature dropped without anyone knowing.

That’s what makes the ’Health Lock Timer from Imbera Foodservice the premiere way to ensure that foodstuffs are kept accessible only when they’ve been stored in the proper way. It locks within two minutes of AC power loss or when consumer protection is necessary.

It can be locked and unlocked at will, however, with its automated functions the lock will ensure that food is always kept away it’s unsafe, and the lock itself can alert personnel it has activated.

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