Tips for Increasing Foodservice Sales for C-Stores

Commercial Refrigerators Coupon Clipping | Imbera FoodserviceIncreasing the amount of foodservice sold in convenience stores can be a challenge. It can require a great deal of time, effort, and, in some cases, money. You store means everything to you, so if you want to increase your foodservice sales, it should be represented properly. 

Commercial refrigerators are a great, easy way to showcase the latest food choices your c-store has to offer. At a glance, customers peruse their options and grab a quick a snack.  

Here are a few other tips to help increase your c-store sales.  

Foodservice Ads on a Budget  

It’s important that you know your budget! For some c-store owners, in-store television or stand-alone kiosks may not always fit the budget. Instead, you can use high quality product photos for indoor and outdoor ads that draw the customer’s attention, and eventually, get them to come in the store.  

Advertising your specials on several platforms is crucial. If your company has a website, utilize it! Let consumers browse the different products and services offered. A new and frequently used advertisement tool is social media outlets, and the best part is this is a completely free avenue of advertising. Social media is not only a great way to promote your store, but it also helps to interact with potential customers.  

Promoting Your Foodservice  

Advertisements in local newspapers, billboards, radio, and television are all different methods of promoting brands. These ads could focus on a foodservice offering and a soda, liquor, wine or beer special.  

QuickTrip has upgraded their gas pumps to promote foodservice products with videos. Their recent changes include stainless steel pumps and flat screen televisions. These high-quality images open the door to promoting all types of services and specials you offer.  

Offer Enticing Incentives  

Even the smallest discount can encourage a browsing customer to come in to the store. Whether you choose to promote fifty cents off or buy one get one free, these are effective incentives to draw your customers into your c-store. A great way to use coupons in-store is to encourage return visits by offering bounce-back deals.  

One creative discount would be to offer free drinks for consumers who download your app. You could also send food samples and distribute coupons to non-competitive businesses and local organizations to help spread awareness. Possibly the most overlooked tactic is putting a flyer in every bag you give your customers. This is an opportunity to teach them about your product offerings and educated consumers on what you have to offer.  

Whichever mode of promoting foodservice you choose, the goal is to increase sales. Imbera is proud to be the first to market with a complete line of refrigeration products that use R290 coolant.  Contact us at 678-504-6835 to learn more about how you can boost your foodservice sales with our commercial refrigerators.