Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance Tips | ImberaRefrigerator maintenance is easily ignored in a commercial setting, but lack of routine maintenance leads to expensive emergency fixes. While repair is being made, large quantities of refrigerated inventory can go bad. Businesses profit from regular maintenance that prevents this type of scenario. Routine maintenance increases the lifespan of commercial refrigerators, while decreasing electrical consumption. Any business can benefit from the following tips.

Consumer Care

A business can do basic maintenance checks to commercial refrigerators in between scheduled professional service visits. This maintenance may reveal need for expedited maintenance.

Inspect Refrigerator

A basic inspection of a commercial refrigerator can reveal problems that need addressing. Condensers, usually located under a cover, can become filled with dirt that prevents dissipation of heat. Also, door seals can be torn during regular usage, causing cold air to leak out. After inspecting these two items, Imbera can determine if the condenser needs cleaning or door seals need to be replaced.

Clean Well

A clean commercial fridge ensures fewer problems in the long run. Cleaning the inside of the fridge helps prevent mold that could jeopardize your inventory. Cleaning the door seals rids them of dried-on spills, increasing the effectiveness of the seal.

Professional Maintenance Check

Professional maintenance goes beyond the service that a business can do with their own resources. Professional maintenance allows commercial refrigerators to go the distance.

General Check Up

Businesses benefit from a regular checkup for their commercial refrigerators. This checkup includes operational checks of cycling and temperature.

Refrigerant level checks make sure that the unit has the coolant it needs to operate optimally. Oiling motors and bearings, in addition to compressor checks, keeps the moving parts of the fridge running well.

Coils are also cleaned, increasing cooling ability. Drain lines are blown out and condenser coils cleaned.

Worn parts will be replaced as needed, so that commercial refrigerators run well.

Extensive Cleaning

A professional cleaning goes beyond just soap and water, and can even fumigate to completely rid the fridge of problems hazardous to health. Seals on doors are replaced as needed. Professional cleaning of a fridge ensures that no problem bacteria or mold can affect goods stored in the fridge.

Choose the Right Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance Service

Imbera offers scheduled maintenance and service calls for your commercial refrigeration needs. This includes comprehensive check of refrigeration systems. In addition, Imbera provides installation and relocation services for the commercial refrigerators we carry. Equipment upgrades are available for different brands. These upgrades cover everything from visual appeal to energy performance. With Imbera, your business is in good hands. Every detail is taken care of, down to the proper disposal of your old equipment.

Regular maintenance can save your business thousands of dollars by preventing a breakdown, keeping inventory cold. Imbera’s team of technicians is ready to take care of your business’s commercial refrigeration needs. Give Imbera a call today.