Top 4 Food Trends for 2018

Top 4 Food Trends for 2018 | Imbera FoodserviceConsumer eating trends are an ever-changing mystery. The focus of diets shift from working out hard while eating what you want, to small portions, to low carb.  Staying ahead of these trends is essential to running a successful food business and appropriately stocking your commercial refrigerator.

2018 is already underway, and it is expected to bring a variety of changes in company honesty, diversity, and product development. Read on to learn more about exciting food trends predicted to develop in the year ahead

Food Brand Honesty and Transparency is Increasing

Whether by force or by choice, brands are beginning to place open and honest product information on their product labels. This change comes on the heels of many companies’ dishonest labeling.

Brands were falsely advertising with vague words like “organic” and “all-natural” as a marketing gimmick to increase customer interest, but they were not delivering on the promise. This resulted in an array of lawsuits.

However, these incidents also created a strong interest in customers’ desire for more information about the products they’re consuming. Food makers are now printing labels that include honest claims about how products are made, detailed ingredient lists, and the locations in which the items were made.

Botanicals Are More Popular in Food and Beverage Recipes

Alternative medicine has been growing more popular recently, and that trend is spilling over into food and beverage. Consumers are realizing the same plants and flower used to create oils and supplements can be used as fresh ingredients in a variety of food and beverage recipes.

Items like ashwagandha (Indian ginseng) is a popular option to add to your cooking and can aid in the prevention of arthritis, asthma, hypertension, and more. Floral elements like lavender are becoming popular in cocktails by adding a unique taste and appearance, as well as health benefits.

Food Diversity and Foreign Concepts are on the Rise

As consumers search for a variety of exciting new cuisines, ethnic cuisine is becoming more diverse and popular. Patrons are branching out from the comfort of traditional options like sushi, hummus, and yogurt; they’re experimenting with a variety of middle eastern products like za’atar, dukkah, and yogurt-based cheeselabna. These products are a unique combination of flavor and texture and are sure to pique the curiosity of chefs and foodies alike.

The Food Industry’s Scientific Takeover

Technology is advancing across the board in all businesses, and the food industry is no exception. Food preparers are incorporating new methods like liquid nitrogen ice cream and sous-vide cooked items. However, cooking methods aren’t the only thing in the industry that has been affected by technology.

An array of faux meat products has recently seen a rise. These products often look and taste like their animal-based counterparts, but are created from alternative proteins like beans, pea protein isolate, etc. You’ll find these alternatives in burgers, sausage, and grilled chicken.

Don’t get stuck playing catchup on these trends likely to rise in popularity this year. Stay ahead of the competition by adjusting your food offerings to accommodate changing customer desires. If you’re looking to expand your inventory and need more food storage, Imbera offers a multitude of different cutting-edge commercial refrigeration options. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your business grow.