Use of Refrigerators and Coolers in Hotel Lobbies

Use of Refrigerators and Coolers in Hotel Lobbies | Imbera FoodserviceIt’s practically a captive audience. More than three million people a year stay in hotel rooms for business or leisure. When they do, they often find they are in need of food and snacks during their stay.

Many hotels are located in areas with retail outlets, quick services restaurants, and convenience stores.

However, guests often prefer the ease of picking up items in the hotel lobby rather than walking or driving somewhere off the property. Additionally, many guests expect top hotel brands to offer an array of choice food products as part of their basic amenities.

This makes hotel lobbies oases of opportunity. The use of refrigerators and coolers in hotel lobbies to offer a variety of high quality food items helps keep guests satisfied and adds to hotel revenue.

Commercial Refrigerators for Hotel Lobbies

Stores in hotel lobbies are essentially micro markets. They are not as big as convenience stores and typically don’t offer fresh cooked entrees like quick service restaurants (that option is usually reserved for room service).

However, hotel lobbies can sell items that are distinctive enough to keep guests satisfied while remaining on property.

For example, both a convenience store and a hotel lobby micro market can sell beverages, salads and sandwiches. Yet, a hotel could use local vendors and delis to make packaged salads, wrapped sandwiches, bottled juices and iced teas.

Hotel lobbies can give these food items high visibility with the right commercial refrigerator or cooler. Today’s commercial refrigerators combine practicality and aesthetics to capture the attention of customers at the point of sale.

How Can Hotel Lobbies Benefit From New Commercial Refrigerators and Coolers?

The newest generation of commercial refrigerators feature frameless doors and glass display windows that provide enticing product views to customers.

LED lighting and units customized with brand logos and color are available to enhance the appeal of food items to guests.

These commercial refrigerators and coolers are also designed to fit the most elegant hotel ambience. They feature quiet electronic fan motors and low maintenance condensers that also help conserve energy.

Commercial refrigerators and coolers also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate the space available in hotel lobbies.

Hotels can increase customer satisfaction and company revenue by selling exclusive, high quality food and beverages in their lobbies.

Hotels can make the most of this opportunity by displaying these food products in the latest generation of commercial refrigerators and coolers.