What the New EPA Rule Means for You in 2018

EPA Sign Commercial Refrigerators | Imbera FoodserviceThe way businesses that own commercial refrigerators have handled record keeping in the past is relaxed, to say the least. However, beginning in 2018, the EPA has implemented new refrigerant regulations and are taking steps to ensure that they are enforced. 

These regulations may not seem like a big deal to your business, but failure to comply with the new regulations can cost you up to $37,500 a day. Read on to uncover the new rule and how it affects your business. 

EPA Sec. 608 of the Clean Air Act 

Sec. 608 of the Clean Air Act includes the new regulation for the storage and processing of refrigerants that are classify as ozone-depleting substances (ODS). There are a lot of nuances of the act, but there are a few aspects that are imperative to keeping your business above board. 

HFC and HFO refrigerants can now only be sold legally by technicians certified under Sec. 608-609 of the clean air act. Additionally, any transfer of refrigerant must be properly logged for any appliance containing 5-50 lbs. of refrigerant. For units with large charges (50-500 lbs.), they must be inspected at a minimum of once a year and not exceed a 20% leak rate. The general purpose of the new regulations is to protect the planet. 

Effect on You 

How do these new changes directly affect you as an owner of a commercial refrigerator? Firstly, you need to be sure that you are purchasing from a certified source. Whether intentional or not, a supplier who may have been okay to buy from before could now be illegally selling refrigerant.  

You also have to be more careful with how you dispose of and transfer old refrigerant or any units that contain refrigerants. The quantity and type of refrigerant transferred for reclamation or destruction, the person to whom it was transferred, and the date of the transfer must all be documented.  

The EPA requires anyone who wishes to dispose or transfer refrigerants to pass an exam relevant to what they’re doing. Make sure whoever is handling your system has one of the certification cards that prove they’ve passed the exam. 

This regulation is also cracking down on how refrigerants are ventilated. Section 608 prohibits the intentional venting of ODS refrigerants and their substitutes. The prohibitions include ventilation during repair, services, and disposal of air-conditioning and refrigeration units. Be sure that your ventilation is up to code and you’re not releasing damaging ODS into the air. 

Don’t get bombarded with costly fines in 2018 because you’re unaware of the new regulations implemented this year. Consider the new changes and make sure that any poor refrigerant habits are nixed before you’re busted by the EPA.  As an international company that has been dedicated to the design, development, and manufacturing of commercial coolers since 1941, Imbera has answers to all your EPA questions. Contact Imbera at 678-504-6835 to get started.