Which Commercial Refrigerator is Ideal for Unattended Retail Locations?

Commercial Refrigerator | Imbera FoodserviceThe food retail industry continues to grow in size and innovate in the design of retail spaces. One inventive type of food retail store design makes the most out of smaller footprints to meet the needs of hungry consumers. Unattended locations offer a variety of food products to on-the-go shoppers without having an employee on site to manage transactions.

Situated in hotel lobbies, athletic clubs, apartment complexes and business spaces, unattended locations operate using a fraction of traditional retail space.

However, the lack of staff at unattended locations doesn’t eliminate the need to ensure that consumers have fresh food available for purchase.

How can food retail operators provide safeguards for consumers at unattended locations? Selecting the right commercial refrigerator for use at unattended locations is one way to achieve this goal.

Automatic Locking Mechanisms on Commercial Refrigerators Protect Consumers

Unattended locations need commercial refrigerators that maintain safety standards for consumers. Commercial refrigerators with automatic health locks satisfy this need.

A commercial refrigerator with an automatic locking system prohibits consumers from opening the unit when temperatures are unsafe and food is at a higher risk of spoiling. This type of commercial refrigerator is equipped with a temperature probe that monitors internal temperatures.

When the internal temperature rises above 41.9 degrees Fahrenheit for fifteen minutes, the unit automatically locks. The refrigerator unlocks when safe temperatures are reached and sustained.

Commercial Refrigerators with Health Locks Help Unattended Food Retail Locations

Commercial refrigerators with automatic locking mechanisms address a number of challenges food retail operators face with unattended locations. For example, if there is a power outage and no one is on site, food can be left inside of refrigerators at dangerous temperatures.

Health locks on commercial refrigerators provides similar protection in case a shopper in advertently leaves a unit open after considering or making a purchase.

In both of these scenarios, having a commercial refrigerator equipped with a health lock prevents shoppers from consuming potentially spoiled food.

This also reduces the likelihood that food retail operators will receive an unwanted visit from regulatory agencies charged with food safety. Additionally, health locks reduce the risk of food retailers experiencing the financial impact of inventory lost to spoilage.

Imbera Foodservice’s state-of-the-art commercial refrigerators now feature Performax30 automatic locking mechanisms. To find out more about the Performax30 and commercial refrigerators that are ideal for unattended locations, contact us at 678-504-6842.